It is soooo long to my birthday!

I asked mum today when my birthday was coming, because I was sure it was soon. She said it's exactly two months away. Two months! That's forever. I want to start asking my friends to the party. We're going to play with cap guns and machine guns.

My friend Bruce has a new gun. It has a light that flashes when it makes the machine gun noise.

The great Leeds Utd

My dad says that Don Revie is visiting the Town Hall later today to talk about the FA Cup. Allan Clarke may be there too!

"Please can I go, Dad!" I said. "Please! Please! Please!"

Dad said it was only for grown-up men because there would be drinking and "blue" talk, whatever that means. He said I'd have to be 18 before I could go to something like that. But that would be 1986!

He said he'd try to get Clarkey to sign his autograph for me. I gave him my Blue Peter book.

Better than Ready Brek!

My mum and dad took us away for a few days to the beach at Dymchurch. We stayed in a little B&B where you can have bacon and eggs every day!

My absolute favourite tea

Mum did liver and bacon today in Campbell's tomato soup, with mash. Mmmmm. Delish. Followed by jam tart and custard. Yummy yum.

What's this all about?

Mum's brought home this new magazine called Cosmopolitan. She says it's really good, but dad's threatening to chuck it in the bin.

What's wrong with it?

And what is an organism? It says that's what every woman needs these days.


My friend Mark has these things called roller skates. They're like ice skates except that you can wear them on the pavement. His dad brought them back from America. I want some too! I really, really, really want some! I'm going to ask mum for my birthday.

Landsat 1

Dad says they're going to launch a new satellite in California in a couple of days. It's called Landsat and it will have a four-channel multispectral scanner. I'll see if mum will let me listen to the launch on the radio in bed.